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Wind Surfing Equipment

Wind Surfing Equipment

Looking for the next challenge? One of the most thrilling activities you can take up is windsurfing. It’s requires specialized knowledge of sailing, strength, and endurance. But once you build up a proficiency level in windsurfing, there are several breathtaking hotspots around the world that windsurfing enthusiasts travel around the world to try. You can use your travelocity coupon code collection to travel to nearly every corner of the earth.

Windsurfing is a challenging sport involving the elements of water and wind. It is a combination of surfing and sailing. A board is used with an attached sail that is powered by the wind. A windsurfer must tilt the rig to guide the board to where he wants it to go. This sport that is a combination of sailing and surfing is difficult since the windsurfer must guide the boat’s sail the way a sailboat would be guided. At the same time, the windsurfer must balance on the board.
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Advanced windsurfers are also able to do tricks and maneuvers while they are on the board. Among these are inverted loops, spinning, jumps, and freestyle moves that could not be accomplished with a sailboat alone. Windsurfers usually ride the same rides as regular surfers do when the wind is strong enough for their sport. It is considered an extreme sport.
The most popular way to get started in this sport is to attend a school that teaches beginners. There are windsurfing schools where beginning students can learn the sport. Beginners need to learn the basics of sailing before they move on to using the board. Most countries have windsurfing schools that offer lessons, as well as coaching while the learner practices in the water. There are also training DVDs available that can help a student learn more advanced maneuvers. This sport can be participated in until old age because the impact when falling puts minimal stress on the body.
Windsurfing became an Olympic sport in 1984, but its popularity fell in the mid-1990s because it requires licensing and specialized equipment that requires sailing knowledge. It has become more popular, but it is still mostly a non-competitive sport. There are approximately 1.2 windsurfers in the U.S. and millions more around the world. In the U.S. in 1997, retail sales for windsurfing equipment was $35 million per year. Winter windsurfing at an indoor pool is popular in Europe where competitions are held in a huge indoor pool. There are very powerful fans that move the boards along in the pool.

The idea of a handheld sail and rig fastened on a universal joint were first invented in 1948 by Newman Darby. His sailboard was the first that was steered by the windsurfer shifting his weight to tilt the sail and move. After many more designs by others, the board and sail used today was standardized with a universal joint. There were several patent disputes between U.S. inventors and an inventor in Australia who designed the board and sail before the U.S. inventors.

There are various types of boards used for windsurfing. Before the 1990s, boards were either longboards or shortboards. Today’s modern designs are made from the shortboard design. They are made to skip over the water’s surface. As wind increases, shorter boards with less width and smaller sails are generally used. Most windsurfers who enjoy their sport recreationally prefer to have wind conditions that are consistent, rather than the specifically more-windy or less-windy conditions that professionals prefer.
Older boards were made from polyethylene filled with PC foam. Today’s boards have an expanded polystyrene foam core that has a shell covering made from fiberglass, epoxy, plywood, and other materials. Boards for beginners are usually heavier and are made with fiberglass. Sails are usually made from clear polyester film, Dacron or woven polyester, and mylar.
There are excellent places to windsurf around the globe. One of these is in Langebaan, South Africa, located around 60 miles north of Cape Town. Very good windsurfing can be found at this site that is in the West Coast National Park. Wellington, New Zealand is another popular spot during the spring and summer months, from September to January. This windy city has the perfect wind speed with year-round speed averages at 20 miles per hour with gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour. There are many other excellent spots for windsurfing around the world.

Guide to Beach Resorts (Plus a Travelocity coupon code!)

Guide to Beach Resorts (Plus a Travelocity coupon code!)

A Guide to Beach Resorts

When people think of taking a vacation most envision themselves on beach in a warm tropical environment. The majority of families or couples are fortunate if they are able to get away from work for just one week out of the year. Of course if you take advantage of travel coupons for major booking sites, you can stretch that trip out to a couple of weeks. Try a site like this that offers travelocity coupon codes – hotels and flights before you book the whole thing.
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Doing proper planning and due diligence is therefore imperative in order not to squander this precious time. This guide to beach resorts will hopefully prepare you to make the most of your next holiday or vacation to bask in the sun on a beautiful shoreline.

Many beach resorts advertise themselves as being “on the beach” when in fact they are across a street or worse yet, several blocks away. Being able to stumble out of your door in your bare feet and feel the warm sand between your toes rather than having to put on footwear and navigate through traffic makes a big difference in your overall satisfaction.

Most likely, there is a beach nearby to where you live now. The experience of walking to the beach from a public parking spot or from a nearby hotel are not dissimilar. Insisting on a true beachfront property for your vacation will really help distinguish your experience from what you may be able to enjoy locally.
The best way to verify a beach resort is actually on the beach is to read reviews of others who have stayed there. Relying on the resort website can be deceiving as they can mix pictures in their gallery to make it appear closer to the beach than it actually is. Some resorts have multiple buildings so keep in mind if you call to verify beach access, make sure you are speaking with the local resort and not a general corporate information line.

Another important feature to look for in a beach resort is custom amenities suitable for ocean recreation and living. Luxury beach hotels should offer different styles of towels for the bath, pool, and beach. Keeping clean while living next to the ocean can be quite challenging with sand getting everywhere so have plenty of bath towels is important as well. Providing a sunscreen with UV A&B protection as well as plenty of quality moisturizer is another way to show a hotel is placing its patron’s well being first. A resort should offer rental recreational equipment for its guests. The availability of surf boards, wind surfers, snorkels, and beach games are some of the items you can confirm prior to your departure.
Don’t be disappointed to find the cost of staying in a beach resort to be much higher than other designations. Remember that most people want to head to the beach for their vacation so there is a constant high demand for accommodations. Also, keep in mind the extra costs the hotel most endure to provide some of the extra amenities mentioned above. Paying a bit extra to stay at a high quality resort that everyone else is trying to get into may even make your experience feel more rewarding and fulfilling.